Creative Gadget for Kids

From computers to interactive digital toys, kids are getting acquainted with technology from an increasingly young age. These toys are becoming sophisticated gadgets that are dynamically changing the definition of fun. Why settle for a smartphone or tablet when there are hundreds of cool and educational gadgets you can get for that special kid in your life?
Take for instance the 8 creative gadgets featured in this post


Jabber is a toy that was created to be kicked, smashed, hit, and tossed. It’s smart on the inside, but soft on the outside and can “talk”. Perfect for birthday parties and a great ice breaker for new groups.


Code while you play, play while you code — Hackaball is the gadget that embodies both. Program the ball to react with changing light colors, sound and or vibrations. Set programming rules for it to respond to, and invent your own group games. Hackaball also encourages children to be more physically active.


Musio is a fun way for children to learn English without having to go through boring classroom lessons. Musio is powered with an AI that learns your child’s speech patterns, recognizes their faces, communicates with them, teaches them English, checks their grammar and pronunciation, and is even sensitive to emotions.

View-Master Virtual Reality Starter Pack

If you liked your View-Master when you were growing up, then perhaps your next generation will like this new version, upgraded with Virtual Reality. Slide your Android or iOS smartphone in and immerse yourself in 360 degrees of virtual reality data provided by Google Cardboard places.

Moff Band – Wearable Smart Toy

The Moff band helps fuel a child’s imagination by providing sound effects while they play, simulating movement. For instance, a kid can pick up a broom and start playing it like a guitar and the Moff smartwatch can play guitar sounds plus a cheering crowd in the background. It can be controlled with an iOS or Android smartphone.

Zero Gravity Wall Climbing Car

This Wall Driving Car sucks. That’s how it defies gravity and drives all over your walls, zooming past like a race car, only horizontally. Its traction technology lets it suck air under itself, providing a form of suction that keeps it clinging onto the wall. The car is remote-controlled, and can drive on windows and ceiling as well. It runs on AA batteries.

Moki Kids Safe Volume Headphones

If you’re looking for headphones for children, these might be what you’re looking for. Vibrantly colored, these headphones can be used by children as young as 3. It has a restricted sensitivity of 89 dB, to prevent damage to the hearing of young children. It works with smartphones, MP3 players, LeapFrog series, gaming consoles and even airline entertainment units.

Kinetic Stretchable Polymer Play Sand

Kids love playing with sandcastles at the beach but this Polymer play sand lets you make sand castles right at home. It is soft and stretchy, and oozes and melts like a slow-moving liquid. Best of all, it doesn’t stick to you (or get everywhere) like wet sand does. The material is non-toxic and this is suitable for ages 5 and above.

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